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I really hope the Naruto chapter tomorrow is all about Sasuke. Becasue I just need to know what’s going on with him like please. 


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can this fandom shut up about the whole shipping stuff it’s honestly not even a big deal. Complaining about it just ruins this entire chapter.

Anyways all in all I think we got a pretty darn good chapter. Everyone was complaining about how team Gai didn’t even get to mourn Neji’s death and he gave us Lee crying. It was sad af but even though Neji was important to them, they can’t neglect that fact that they’re in the middle of a war and they gotta keep it together. 

People complained about Sasuke missing in action and we got a little glimpse of Sasuke, which even though is a really big fricken tease, it’s better than nothing. I really just want to know what or who this chakra is coming from because it can determine how Sasuke can change. And honestly, this part of the story is so much more intriguing to me than the war ………………. LIKE WHO IS THIS PERSON THAT KNOWS EVERYTHING.

You know what it makes me happy and mad that Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji get so much screen time. It makes me happy because they’re a really good team and they  resemble their parents and the growing of the next gen. It makes me angry because they get more screen time than Sasuke … who is like .. the second main character of the show … awks. And Sasuke is my favourite character.

My heart goes out to Kakashi though. Like my heart just breaks. He tries so hard but no matter what it just doesn’t seem enough. It was bad enough when it was revealed it was Obito, like everything he believed in just backfired. First his father, Obito, Minato, Rin, Sasuke, the Third, Asuma,  and Jiraiya and I’m just .. super sad for him. Even though Naruto is the main character, I really hope Kakashi plays a big role in Obito’s downfall. Like .. a really big role. But not like a self sacrifice big role …

And believe it or not, I wish there was more Sakura action.

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I honestly think it would be so unfair if Kishi made NaruHina canon and totally did not give Sasuke and Sakura relationship a chance. I am pro Naruto and Hinata but I don’t dislike Sakura to the point where I want her to watch Sasuke die or something. I kinda ship SasuSaku and .. I think Sakura is the only person right for him. And I think even though Sasuke probably was annoyed with all his fangirls, he did truly care about Sakura as a comrade and a friend. I think he understood that he was still important to someone, but that didn’t outshine his vengeance. But in any case, I hope something, just a little something happens between them. 

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Sometimes when I watch One Piece i’m like ok but then sometimes i’m like …. wtf though LOL It’s so good but so weird.

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So what i’ve watched in my time of absence here is …

- Eureka Seven: Ao

-Sword Art Online (which I strongly recommend)

-One Piece (only 35 episodes till i’m caught up)

-Random episodes of Say “I love you”

-Bokura Ga Ita


-Brave 10

-Gokusen 3 (JDrama)

-Bloody Monday 1 and 2 (JDrama)

…. and that’s all so far.

I think I might wanna start Fate Zero though.

I have so much fangirling that I have to do with Naruto, One Piece, I missed it for SAO and E7AO and all the LOK Book 2 stuff. 

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